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"An Absolute Mastery of Musical Vocabulary and Timing"

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"A masterpiece. TAeKO's "CONTEMPLATION" sings truth to power with much love."

Lamon Fenner “Lamon’s Jazz Break at Eight,” WHCR 90.3 FM The Voice of Harlem, NY

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Japan-native, TAeKO moved to New York City from Shiga, Japan in the late 90’s and quickly garnered the nickname “Songbird” from the NYC Jazz elite. With a stunning four octave range, she sings with “deep soulfulness reminiscent of Anita Baker with sophisticated scatting a la Ella” according to the Jazz critic, Jordan Richardson. With a never ending stream of musical ideas and a fluid delivery that shows years of dedication to studying her craft, it is clear how Taeko has built a dedicated fan base in both the U.S. and overseas.

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Internationally-acclaimed jazz songstress from Japan, TAeKO releases her 4th album in the U.S. as a leader on October 10, 2019 entitled Contemplation (Flat Nine Records). In TAeKO's own words (pronounced Tie-Koe): “This album shows my true love and dedication to the African-American classical art form called jazz, as a singer who came from Japan where this music is truly loved." With a never-ending stream of musical ideas and fluidity of delivery that shows years of studying her craft, TAeKO has built a distinctively unique approach to jazz in addition to mastering the traditional vocal and instrumental aspects. This album features songs written by the beloved jazz greats such as Cedar Walton, Mal Waldron, Billie Holiday, Chick Corea, Bill Evans, and Benny Golson, with TAeKO's unique point of view and arrangement.

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